A cozy and convenient space that embodies the essence of community, where everyone is accepted and welcomed.

We offer a variety of classes led by well-trained, professional and friendly instructors that creates a fun and non-competitive approach to the practice.

Located in the heart of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, we aim to create a home away from home, for our #nafasyogakl community.

Team Nafas Members

Suhana Ishak, Co-Founder. @suishak

Zafirah Azizan, Co-Founder. @zafiedafie

Abigail Wan, Instructor. @abigailrhyme

Charmaine Ang, Instructor. @kuihkapit

Debbie Ong, Instructor. @debbieong.yoga

Eidura Syeiferah, Instructor. @du_yoga

P. Widita, Instructor. @pramudyawidita

Ina Ibrahim Instructor. @inalicious17

Jenifer Ooi, Instructor. @jennihsurf.yoga

Melissa Tai, Instructor. @h.eymel

Michelle Jueney, Instructor. @michellejueney

Shakira Shanaz, Instructor. @shakiragetsfit

Yuzmin Faizal, Instructor. @min.yoga

Zephyr Liew, Instructor. @zephyrbob0